A team of undergraduate Computer Science majors formed in Fall 2021


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Lumi-Camino is a web application designed to help individuals track daily COVID symptoms and vaccination status.

See more details: Lumi-Camino


ECOCamino is a web application designed to help users organize events such as cleanups and workshops, report trash or cleanup, as well as promoting other non-profit organizations around the area. This project was built in 5 days for Meteor Hackathon 2021 and won first place from said event.

See more details: EcoCamino OR EcoCamino README

Team History

The members first met in Dr. Carleton (Cam) Moore’s class, ICS 414: Software Engineering II, in Spring 2021. Under said class, Jerome originally worked with a team called Shocking Development, while the other four worked with Hot-N-Code. The latter members then decided to continue working together by registering for ICS 491: Special Topics class under Dr. Philip Johnson. Later on, the team decided to invite Jerome on their team and, together, they formed HACCamino.

Team Members